We are a group of biking and sport enthusiasts who are keen on photography. We started in 2009 purely as a pastime activity to capture our fellow riders on their bikes fighting it out every month on their saddle for the crown of Bangalore bicycle championship. Soon, it grew in to capturing all the biking action in and around the city. In the past 3 years we have consistently captured the sporting action in all the cycling events, from Bangalore bicycle championship (every month) to long endurance rides and races like Brevet and Bangalore Chamundi Bangalore and Bangalore -Ooty -Bangalore ultra endurance races.

In no time this one man activity gained a lot of momentum and after every event the biking fraternity out here started eagerly waiting for Veloscope captures. This acceptance and popularity prompted us to bring in more photographers who understand these sports and we successfully became a community of photographer sportsmen.

  • Being sportsmen ourselves, we understand what’s happening and we can empathize with an athlete better; (better acceptance among the participants)

  • We are able to weave out better stories through the captures from a photojournalist/photo documentary perspective – thanks to our  expertise in both domains. Having a battery of photographers  help us cover different aspects of  the event

Coordinating with photographers and getting them all on a single page to cover an event is not easy from an event management perspective though it is important. That is no longer your primary concern. You just have to get in touch with Veloscope and your search ends here. We promise value addition to your event management effort.

Today, we have an arsenal of photographers who are also bikers, swimmers, runners, triathletes, bodybuilders and yoga experts. The crew is spearheaded by a group of Pro Photographers whose photographs had been featured in National Geographic. To aptly align the taste of our photographers we have ventured in to other sports as well. We kickstarted our venture with the “Bangalore Ultra” marathon, November 2011 coverage. The event had 1200 participants in all. Since then there has been no turning back and we have covered several marathons and cycling events — largest being the Wipro Chennai marathon and Goa River Marathon that had more than 5000 participants. Till date, Veloscope has covered 70 bike races, 10 ultra biking races, 10 marathons and around 8 community sport events. We have also covered a few skating, rock climbing and horse polos in Bangalore and is actively looking at partnering with sport events.

We recently ventured in to film making and did a short video on one of the BBCH races. We also did an interview on Ayurveda related research which is going to get aired on PBS in the U.S.

That’s Veloscope for you. Keep watching this space for more event stories!