Sometimes a marathon isn’t just another run against time and others, it’s an experience way beyond that. Durshet Forest Marathon was one such intoxicating mix. The run amidst the breathtaking forest sur- roundings came with the challenges that the rough terrain possessed, the rain soothed but made the track difficulty go up multiple folds, the passages through the village taking you back in time , that opened up into stunning grasslands, this was a marathon to savour.


breathtaking scenery , beautiful village, river, water streams and waterfalls, greenery all around we don”t think there can be a better trail to run but it is a difficult course,  our crew has tried their best to capture the essence of this trail and the runners experience through our images, We know no words can explain what we experienced but we must tell this tale! From Durshet forest  run we are starting our series VeloTales!  Please read on… DURSHET