How to order your images

  1. Login using your Google, Yahoo, Facebook or Windows Live ID for accessing your images
  2. Type in your BIB number and hit search
  3. Click the Add to Cart button beneath the pictures you want to purchase.
  4. Click on Buy
  5. In next page notice the first line “Have a coupon” click the link next to it and enter the coupon code given to you
  6. Click “Apply coupon code”
  7. Scroll to the Bottom and click on Place order (Notice that the discount is applied)
  8. Ideally the soft copies of the high resolution images are delivered in 2 hours’ time
  9. You will get a delivery mail or alternatively login to and track your order

Claiming your Unidentified Images

  1. Click on events menu
  2. Click on the event name /preview photo
  3. On the landing page for the event below you will find a “Browse” button
  4. You can browse through the images and click “This is me” button on the image
  5. After moderation you will be able to place the order for those images.
  6. It will be a good idea to claim all your unidentified images and then place the order
  7. In case you have any queries, please write to