Author: Veloscope

Placing order for Unidentified Images

There will be a few images which will be  in the unidentified section. This can happen due to BIB#  being not viisible/Missing BIB# etc. Such Unidentified images will be available in a link on each event page. Users can browse through the images and if they find their images they can click on “This is…

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How to order your images

How to order your images Login using your Google, Yahoo, Facebook or Windows Live ID for accessing your images Type in your BIB number and hit search Click the Add to Cart button beneath the pictures you want to purchase. Click on Buy In next page notice the first line “Have a coupon” click the…

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Sometimes a marathon isn’t just another run against time and others, it’s an experience way beyond that. Durshet Forest Marathon was one such intoxicating mix. The run amidst the breathtaking forest sur- roundings came with the challenges that the rough terrain possessed, the rain soothed but made the track difficulty go up multiple folds, the…

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