DAWN TO DUSK CHENNAI MARATHON 2018 – D2D: The D2D will be held on Sunday, 7th January 2018. The primary objective of D2D 2018 is to create awareness on keeping good health through running and cycling. D2D is an initiative by like-minded souls who have come forward to bring awareness towards worthy causes and to raise funds mainly for the underprivileged children who cannot afford treatment and funds raised for their education through the event. D2D has also inspired many runners to run for a cause for the underprivileged children and many charitable organizations. Through running and cycling activities, D2D has found numberless ways to help the less privileged children and has inspired thousands of veteran and first-time runners and cyclist to take part for the cause.

This year D2D team will be raising funds towards children affected by Cancer towards their treatment and towards building Children’s General Ward through a long term project for the underprivileged children.

D2D mission is to contribute for the treatment of the needy who are suffering from the Cancer disease and towards building a ward at the Cancer Institute.


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