TAMIL NADU CYCLING CLUB (TCC): Our Cycling Partner is the largest cycling club in India with over 11,200 members on its Facebook page. In line with its vision, TCC promotes cycling across all walks of life and encourages cycling for good health, for green environment and as a sport. Annually, TCC conducts 30+ cycling events over six categories (Recreation, Endurance, Cyclogy, Touring, Adventure and Competitive) including its flagship event “Tour of Tamilnadu”.

TCC is proud to be associated with Neville’s D2D event since its inception in 2012 and is an honour to be part of the impeccable growth and popularity of this great initiative and cycling for a charitable cause. TCC, in co-operation and support from the entire cycling community, has successfully conducted the events over years keeping safety as the top most priority and the motto being “No Helmet No Ride”.

D2D is honoured to have TCC who play an active part to promote the vision of D2D.