The First Monsoon Marathon organisers , Run Buddies Club, continues raising the bar with the best locations and occasions for the running community. Routes and views keep getting better and the challenges stronger. The first marathon of the season was a prodigious opening to what is definitely the most awaited marathon series of the year. 3 more marathons from the series to come, we can’t wait to be on the route again.”

The Mumbai-Pune running circle has been known for producing athletes of steel; strong, willing, trained,challenging and raising the bars constantly. The route is scenic and pleasing to the eye but demanded a lot technically and pace wise, with constant changes in the gradients and extremely wet patches due to the rain.

Running through the country side and through a village always makes for the most interesting audience. Excited, joyous, dis-concerned, confused, the expressions are in abundance.

Lets run in the rain like a child !