Our Services

Our Services



We provide end to end media coverage of any sporting event.

We provide complete solutions ranging from high quality image captures by experienced photographers to top notch video compilations enabling us to recreate your event in digital media.

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Our processes and workflows are in line with post processing and delivery mechanisms in order to assure seamless order management and delivery of your images! We invest time and effort in manually browsing through each image to not only identify but to assure high quality pictures.



We are aware of the eagerness that lurks around to see your pictures after having competed in an event! We are committed to quick delivery and we would soon have the infrastructure in place to make the picture sharing process an easy experience.

Share your email address and details of the event you are interested in and we assure to get back once we are ready!

Pricing Strategy…

We are committed to offer our products at competitive prices. Images captured at the marathons / cycling races / etc, we cover, are made available for viewing and purchase. Images are segregated by BIB numbers. Images are intended to be purchased only by the people captured in the images. Our team strives to ensure your privacy
Below is our pricing strategy. We currently deliver only HIGH RESOLUTION JPEG IMAGES

1 Image

Rs. 100/-

2 Images

Rs. 199/-

3 Images

Rs. 249/-

4 - 7 Images

Rs. 449/-

8 + Images

Rs. 799/-

Why tie-up with Veloscope?

  1. Runners like their pictures in action and most of them can’t manage it as their friends and families are not there with them
  2. A neatly managed photography and delivery mechanism contributes to the perception that the event was well organized and managed and adds to the goodwill of the event
  3. For a runner his/her picture in action is the greatest memorabilia!
  4. Veloscope’s target audience are mainly runners, endurance athletes and sports enthusiasts which is exactly the target audience for an event like Oxfam Trailwalker
  5. Our FB page witnessed a traffic of around 50,000 unique view/month and each time an album is released we get around 22,000 to 25,000 unique views.